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Student Life at Westminster

A Special Community

学生们很快就能认识到寄宿学校里所有令人兴奋的机会. Their days and nights are full, challenging, and rewarding, whether they live on or off campus. In addition to work that might eventually appear on a transcript or application, students are also learning about and becoming responsible citizens. Westminster has always provided an organic structure for this important personal growth, 因为学生们完全沉浸在一个社区中,他们因各自的贡献而闻名,彼此之间关系密切, faculty and staff that reinforce a sense of accountability.
Through the shared experiences of attending classes, family-style lunch, participating in athletics and the arts, and being involved in community service and student organizations, 我们的学生得到支持,并在他们有所作为的地方建立自我认同.

Student Life Curriculum

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  • Social and Emotional Learning Programs

    Anti-Defamation League Training for Student Leaders: 该培训项目为不同群体的学生提供了促进和维持校园积极社会变革的机会. 学生们接受培训,领导与发展相适应的活动,并与同龄人讨论与偏见有关的问题,如欺凌和网络欺凌.

    National Alliance of Mental Illness: Ending the Silence 一个引人入胜的演讲是否能帮助学生了解心理健康状况的警告信号,以及如果你或你所爱的人表现出心理健康状况的症状,该采取什么措施.

    YWCA Healthy Relationships Program: 基督教女青年会的社区伙伴讨论不同类型的关系,以及当这些关系从健康走向不健康时的警告信号. Through this discussion, leaders offer ways to respond to disclosure, educate the community on services offered, and how to get help.

    Courage to Speak Substance Abuse Program: 勇气说®基金会的使命是“通过教育和授权青少年远离毒品来拯救生命,并鼓励父母与他们的孩子谈论毒品的危险。.”

    YWCA Consent Program: 性暴力的初级预防在暴力发生之前制止暴力,并要求解决暴力的根源. We can do this by creating communities where people feel safe and respected, and by promoting safe behaviors, healthy relationships, and respect for others.

    One Love Program: One Love educates young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships, empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better.
  • Home Groups and Peer Facilitators

    Home Groups are led by Sixth Form members of the Prefect Board, Peer Facilitators and Students on the No Place for Hate Committee.

    Peer Facilitators 五年级和六年级的领导是否为小组讨论健康和健康以及多样性和身份提供和促进支持性的氛围. Students on the No Place for Hate Committee are comprised of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Formers. 同伴辅导员偶尔帮助领导四年级健康课程会议和关于公平和包容的小组讨论. In preparation for these conversations, they meet regularly with the Dean of Student Life and Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for peer facilitator training.
  • Community Conversations

  • Advisor Meetings and Corridor Feeds

    Students meet weekly with their advisor in both group and individual settings. These meetings provide time for questions and discussion, and these small group interactions allow students to talk about time management, social media and other topics in a comfortable setting. In addition, once a week in the evening, boarding students gather for corridor meetings with their corridor supervisor. This meeting at the end of the day gives students a chance to relax, decompress, and talk about school and about life. These gatherings include food and drinks!
  • Third Form Wellness

    三年级学生按性别分成小组,每隔一周参加一个由教师领导的名为“选择”的项目. 8到10名学生与两名教师在一个教师的教室里会面,讨论诸如人际关系之类的话题, conflict resolution, identity and bullying. Faculty members use questions to prompt discussion within the group.
  • Fourth Form Wellness

    四年级的学生参加了一个重点健康教育项目,其中包含同伴教育的元素. Topics include nutrition, personal hygiene, self-care, 情绪, stress management, anxiety, depression, 睡眠, alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, time management and relationships.
  • Fourth Form: Civic Engagement Courses

    精选的四年级研讨会课程帮助威斯敏斯特的学生学会进行有意义的对话,更好地了解他们是谁,他们的立场是什么. 学生还学习演讲写作的组成要素和有效表达的修辞手段.
  • Fifth and Sixth Forms: Decisions

    五年级和六年级的学生被分成小组,讨论诸如焦虑之类的话题, stress, 睡眠, impaired driving, financial literacy, budgeting and fitness. The format usually involves a presentation by one of the faculty coordinators of the program.
  • Sixth Form: Transition to College

    Throughout the school year, Sixth Form students meet with College Counselors, representatives from the Health Center and from the alumni office, and other faculty members to talk about life Westminster School. These talks include student health, financial literacy, philanthropy and other related topics.
  • The W Book

    The W Book is every student, parent and faculty members’ guide to living within the Westminster community.  Beyond the rules and expectations of school life, the W Book provides information about how the school works and why, and details the standards and expectations Westminster School students should meet. 
    All students and their families should be familiar with its contents.  Students who are serious about their work, who pay attention to the school’s rules and customs, 那些为他人着想的人应该不会辜负威斯敏斯特的期望, and Westminster should have no trouble living up to theirs.


Health and Wellness Curriculum

In addition to the organic programs, 学校的学生健康和保健课程为学生提供了一个有意识的课程,让他们学习涉及个人健康的主题, their character development, and their healthy relationships with other people. The multifaceted curriculum is coordinated by a team that includes the Associate Head of School, Director of Health Services and Medical Director, Dean of Student Life, Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Director of Athletics. 学校的时间表允许课程中的大多数课程在上学期间进行, generally on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Prefect Board 2023-2024

Robert Yalda, Head Prefect
Jackson Raymond, Junior Prefect 
Sydney Courtmanche 
Matteo De Luca 
Daniel Edwards 
Liv Emerson 
Wills Erda 
Jillian Gregorski 
Johnny Hadden 
Asia Daniela Odong 
Charlie Raymond 
Maya Tavares 
Will Whiting
All current students, 皇冠有钱手机app的教职员工每周五早上通过社区新闻自动收到威斯敏斯特周刊. 

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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students
In keeping with our support for a diverse community, 威斯敏斯特遵守所有适用的联邦和州法律,不歧视任何受保护的特征, including race, color, religious creed, 性, 性ual orientation, gender identity or expression, national and ethnic origin, ancestry and/or disability in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. Westminster admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. 
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